Nov 202015

Aadhar Card OTP Not Received on Mobile Number? 

Now a days mobile OTP is playing a significant role in proving ultimate security for any kind services like banking , e-shopping , and Aadhar card download information, For anyone who wants to download the Aadhar card their a process like OTP (ONE TIME PASSWORD ) is sent to the registered mobile number. In some cases some people are not able to receive the OTP because they want to download the Aadhar card to their Aadhar card data like full name, Address, age etc. There may be some issues so, Now we are here tell you why you are not able to receive ONE TIME PASSWPRD (OTP) to your mobile number.

Aadhar Card OTP Not Received on Mobile Number

Main Reasons for not receiving Aadhar card OTP to your mobile number

While applying to Aadhar card you might have registered your mobile number or May forgot that to write your mobile number on the Aadhar application form. Registered mobile number of yours might be blocked. Maybe your mobile network not working properly. Your mobile memory might be full of all old messages that may not allow you to receive new messages.

Issue 1- Mobile number is not registered correctly or not at all registered.

When you were applying for the new Aadhar card, In the Aadhar card application did you entered your number correctly or not at all entered? If that is not properly then you not going to receive the ONE TIME PASSWORD and also not any kind of Aadhar card updates

Issue 2- May be your registered mobile number might be blocked.

You might not be knowing that “A mobile number which is not active for two months then that mobile number automatically blocked “ may be your mobile number might be blocked , unblock your mobile number to receive your Aadhar card one time password.

Issue 3- Mobile network problem

Are you stay in remote areas where the mobile network is not properly functioning? Then you won’t be receiving the one time password to your mobile number. Try to make sure you to stay in the coverage area where the mobile network is good before requesting the OTP so that you can receive the OTP fast.

Issue 4- Mobile memory is full

When you are mobile memory is full for sure you will not receiving the new messages. So try to clear the mobile memory then you will receiving the new messages.

We hope that this article useful for you.

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