Nov 092015

PM Modi Pushes Aadhar Card Enrollment

The ambitious Aadhar Card Project has got another push from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a recent PRAGATI meeting of high officials. The PM wants the enrollment of the entire population by the end of this year. In the meeting PM has urged the chief secretaries of those states, like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, which are falling behind the progress of Aadhar enrollment, to speed up the process and complete the enrollment of all the people residing in these states by the end of December 2015.

PM Modi Pushes Aadhar Card Enrollment

In his recent Silicon Valley visit, the PM has put a clear emphasis on Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhar Card and Mobile, collectively called as JAM trinity. This is a clear sign of PM’s intention to make Aadhar one of the central points of strategies he is implementing for the reduction of the poverty in the country.

UIDAI on the other hand is convinced that with around 92 crores citizen already enrolled under the Aadhar scheme, it can fulfill the PM’s expectation.

The activists supporting the privacy rights of the Indian citizens have argued that, since the Aadhar card enrollment collects the biometric information of the citizens, this data has to be safeguarded properly by laws and regulations, as it can be abused easily.

However, the government is confident that these trepidations do not have any convincing base as the information collected by the UIDAI is not shared with any individual, agency or even the government. The experts have argued that the information collected under Aadhar is compliant with the IT Act 2000, which has every measure to protect and maintain the privacy of the sensitive information.

In recent news, Supreme Court has allowed the use of Aadhar Card on a voluntary basis to avail the benefits of social welfare schemes. The apex court has however, maintain a strong assertion that the use of Aadhar card is not at all mandatory and the person who wants to avail the benefits of the social welfare scheme can produce any alternative identity proof for the same.

Recently, UIDAI has been ordered by the Goa High Court to share the biometric data of the Goa citizens with CBI, to which UIDAI refused and moved to the Supreme Court. The final SC verdict was in the favor of UIDAI. The UIDAI argued that as per the privacy policy of the agency, the data collected under Aadhar scheme cannot be shared with anyone.

As compared to Aadhar Card enrollment in the country, only 60 crore Indian citizens have voter’s ID card. The number of citizens with PAN card and is extremely low when compared to Aadhar Card.

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