How to Port Airtel, Vodafone and Idea phone number to Reliance Jio for Free Unlimited Voice Calls and 4G data


How to Port Airtel, Vodafone and Idea phone number to Reliance Jio for Free Unlimited Voice Calls and 4G data

After creating a lot of buzz, speculation and much delay finally world’s cheapest 4G network-supported Reliance Jio has officially started working since 5th September 2016. Since the MD, Mr. Mukesh Ambani gave a detailed speech on Jio’s contribution to the Digital India initiatives and making all the citizens of India happy by charging as low as Rs. 50 per 1 GB 4G data, the nation go gaga over it. Already Reliance Digital Stores are overflowing with applicants who are applying for Jio sim. Now the company has taken another step ahead to make their customers happy by announcing mobile number portability for Jio connection.

How to Port Airtel, Vodafone and Idea phone number to Reliance Jio for Free Unlimited Voice Calls and 4G data

What is Mobile Number Portability?

Mobile number portability is a way of switching your previous network to a new network leaving the number unchanged. As for example if you are using Vodafone network at this moment and you want to shift to Jio, you can do that through MNP without changing the number you are using.

Gone are those days when changing network leads you to change your number. You had to seat back and send your new number to all your contacts and ask them to save this new number. Now you can easily change your network to Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Jio, BSNL or anything and vice versa without changing your number.

Also MNP can be happened in case of moving out of city. If you have changed your location and shifted to some other state you can still use the same number in new state but not on roaming but local basis.

Collect the Reliance Jio Sim

Reliance Jio sim card is widely available in Reliance Digital Stores. You need to go there, fill up your application form, make the sim price payment and can take your sim card home. Though it sounds easy but in case of Jio connection it takes bit longer time than usual. After the official declaration of the rates and facilities of Jio the rush for taking this sim becomes more than anything else.

Some of the stores have long queues outside while some started the token services where you have to wait for your token number to arrive. Some of the stores also bind the time period within which people have to drop by and apply for the sim card.

If you are switching the network then you don’t need to take the sim before switching. You need to collect the Unique Port Code and a unique bar code that you must submit to the store along with your documents to collect the sim card.

How to get Reliance Jio connection without changing the previous number?

There are few steps that one must follow to switch over to Jio network from the previous network he / che is using.

  • Step1: Send a message from your previous number typing ‘port’ followed by your existing mobile number to 1900. The word port must be in capital letters. Example: if your mobile number is 1234567890 then you have to type PORT 1234567890 and send to 1900.
  • Step2: Once you send the sms you will get a unique port code from another number 1901. The message can take few hours to arrive so if you don’t get any reply instantly don’t get panic. Once you receive the UPC save it for future reference.
  • Step3: Now you need to download MyJio App from your phone. The validity of your UPC is 15 days. After 15 days the code will not be working. In MyJio app you need to select my jio sim option where you are required to enter basic information like name, address, city, state and such.
  • Step4: Once the information is entered correctly and you are done with the form you will get a bar code details which is unique for every user. The bar code and the UPC should be presented at the time of collecting the sim.
  • Step5: Along with the basic documents such as ID proof and passport size photo one must take along the bar code generated in myJio app and UPC received from 1901 to the store to collect the sim.
  • Step6: After finishing the porting process your previous sim card will be deactivated instantly. You can then insert your Jio sim card and dial 1977 to verify your details.
  • Step7: After verification within some time your number will be activated. Your old number will be same with the new network and connection.

Jio 4G and Phone compatibility

Not all the handsets are compatible with 4G VoLTE. To know whether your handset you are currently using is compatible with Jio connection or not you need to check it out. In the Jio’s official website  you can search for the handset compatibility. There in the website you will find a list of company and handsets under them that support the Jio’s 4G network-connection. If you find your handset’s name there then you can use Jio sim card easily. But if you don’t find your handset or company’s name there in the list, then sorry mate cheapest 4G connection is not for you.

Jio Welcome Offer

In Jio’s welcome offer the user will get a long list of facilities. If you think that you will the same thing as Preview Offer provided you at the first place, then you are wrong. The welcome offer provides much more. After activating your connection you will get unlimited voice calls, SMS (100 messages per day) and unlimited use of apps and data. Though there is a limit of 4GB per day, but the limit looks quite catchy as you’ll get 120GB per month for your apps, TV channels, movies and what not. If you by any chance run out of your daily quota of 4GB data your speed might go down to only 128kbps.

Jio Plans and Top Ups

Welcome Offer will be valid till 31st December 2016. Till then the users will get free calls, SMS, internet access and such. Once you’ll walk into the New Year you will have to pay for every bit you use. Though the plans are cheaper than other providers, still you’ll have to spend your pennies for speedy data.

  Cost Facility Validity
Prepaid Rs. 19/- (Minimum) Free Unlimited voice calls, free SMS (Local + National), free roaming calls anywhere in India, 0.1GB 4G mobile data, 0.2GB 4G WiFi data 1 Day
Rs. 4999/- (maximum) Free Unlimited HD voice calls, free SMS (Local + National), free roaming calls anywhere in India, 75GB 4G mobile data, 150GB 4G wifi data, 100 minutes ISD calls 28 days
Post-paid Rs. 149/- (minimum) Free Unlimited voice calls, free SMS (100 Local + National), free roaming calls anywhere in India, 0.3GB 4G mobile data, 0.7GB 4G WiFi data Billing Cycle
Rs. 4999/- (maximum) Free Unlimited HD voice calls, free SMS (Local + National), free roaming calls anywhere in India, 75GB 4G mobile data, 150GB 4G wifi data, 100 minutes ISD calls Billing Cycle


For Prepaid users, if you run out of your plans under these rates, then you can go for easy top-ups. The top ups are available from Rs. 151/- to Rs. 5001/- depends on your requirement.

MNP or not

Until now the Reliance Jio is doing quite a good job. Be it the WiFi hotspot or the preview offer or the welcome offer, the company is making its users happy. But covering 100 million subscribers and providing them same speed is bit unconvincing as the techies are saying the speed may not be same at that point of time. So for us switching from your previous network will not be a wise decision as of now. If you can, then go for new Jio connection and use your old network alongside.

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