Procedure for Checking SBI ATM cum Debit Card Status


Procedure for Checking SBI ATM cum Debit Card Status

ATM cum Debit Card issued by banks have dramatically reformed the way we manage our finances. There are several benefits of using these plastic cards. Some of them are:

  • Allows easy tracking of the money we spend as every single penny spend using ATM cum Debit Card gets electronically registered.
  • Makes our online transactions secure using One Time Password verification.
  • Allows us to travel with less cash.
  • Allows us to withdraw cash as and when needed.
  • Allows us to prevent financial losses by immediate blocking of the card in case it is lost. In case of cash, what’s lost is lost.

Checking SBI ATM cum Debit Card Status

Every major bank in India offers ATM cum Debit Card to its users. Anyone who is opening an account for the first time or anyone who already has an account but did not avail the ATM card facility can apply for a new ATM cum Debit Card.

State Bank of India is no different. But, owning a debit card of SBI has its own set of unique advantages. First, the extensive network of ATM centers spread across the length and the breadth of the country makes it the most desired bank. The bank’s ATM network is so extensive that they can be found in the most unexpected of places. Second, being India’s largest public sector bank, it’s ATM cum Debit Card is accepted by all merchants in India. These two advantages make SBI the most sought-after bank among Indians.

Apart from the above two most important features, SBI ATM cum Debit Card also comes with other advantages that are available with all other banks:

  • 24×7 service for blocking lost or stolen card.
  • Free of cost card replacement in case the card is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Up to ₹ 40,000 withdrawal in a single day.
  • Card can be used for online shopping with added security layers like SSL encryption, One Time Password, CVV verification etc.

The important question here is, “what is the procedure for checking SBI ATM cum Debit Card status?”

Those of you who prefer to use the internet for tracking services, you are out of luck. SBI currently has no online card tracking facility in place and there are no indications from bank to introduce an online tracking setup anytime soon. The only way to track your SBI ATM cum Debit Card is to use their toll-free call center number.

You can all on this number: 1800-11-2211. Once you call, the service representative will walk you through a verification process which will involve a Q&A session. The representative will ask a few questions to ensure that you are right person asking for the status. The rep may ask for bank account number, branch details and personal details. Once confirmed, the representative will check the status of the card and inform the same.  The representative may actually provide the name of the courier agency as well as the AWB number. You can use those details to track your card status.

Whether you are looking forward to track your new card or your replacement card, you will have to use the same number mentioned above. Usually it takes 7-10 days from the date of request (for a new or a replacement card) to receive the card. The PIN is not mailed separately. You will have to manually collect the PIN from the branch where your account is located.

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