Jan 182016

Citizens to produce the Aadhaar Card number while filing complaints

There is an increasing number of annoying and anonymous complaints that the people have made against public departments. These are at times void or incomplete. Hence to curb the number of these malicious complaints, the government of India has made it mandatory that while any citizen is filling a complaint or grievance on the online platform, he/she needs to produce their Aadhaar car number for reference.

The body that is formulating all the policy and the related guidelines is the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG).There is also a website where citizens can log their complaints and any valid grievance can be filed against the functioning of any government organization.

Citizens to produce the Aadhaar Card number while filing complaints

Some void complaints from anonymous citizens has really added fuel to fire, hence the government has encouraged the users to produce their Aadhaar card number while filing a grievance. This can also be helpful for the department of DARPG and will help them to filter out the authentic complaints against the incomplete and void complaints. Moreover, with this there will be no harassment of the government employees as people will only be authentic while producing facts and figures for launching their complaints.

A 12 digit number of the Aadhaar card will act as a proof of the citizen’s identity and also an address proof of the person who resides anywhere in India.

It is the right of every citizen to notify any disturbing or unethical act of any government employee but misusing the rights, at times can be really torturous for others. Moreover, Prime Minister of India also tracks all the authentic grievances on the website. This is done with the help of the Proactive Governance and Timely Implementation (PRAGATI). He further identifies the logical grievances and identifies the changes that need to be made in order to control the same. He also organizes meetings with the respective secretaries using video conferencing and discusses about the matters of concern.

For making it more simplified for the citizens of India, a mobile application will also be launched in October. Users can just download this app on their smart phones and lodge grievances. The website for filing public grievances is www.pgportal. nic.in.

The number of grievances that the citizens post every year is increasing radically. There was a government survey done to monitor the increasing number of grievances every year. According to its observations, nearly three lakh grievances were recorded in 2014. The figure was 2 lakhs in 2012 and increased to 2.35 lakhs in the next year.

To keep a check on the increasing numbers and invest on them wisely this is surely a good step forward.

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