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Seeding Bank Accounts of pensioners with Aadhar

The central government is leaving no stone unturned to make Aadhar Card as the only identity number for each and every citizen of India. After LPG subsidy and Railway ticketing now government has taken another step to use Aadhar card for withdrawing pension after retirement. According to the new rule of the central government of India, pensioners are required to link their Aadhar number with their single bank account so that they can easily receive their pension. Also they can upload their Jeevan Praman certificate on yearly basis to proof that they are still alive. Now they don’t need to present in person in bank to receive the pension.

Linking Aadhar with Bank Accounts

After the successful attempt of linking Aadhar with bank accounts for LPG subsidy now the central government has taken another foot forward to link Aadhar unique number with the pensioners’ bank account.

  • In recent news the government has announced that for the district level the pensioner must have linked his / her Aadhar card number with Jan-Dhan Yojana bank account to receive the pension. Also one can link multiple bank accounts with aadhar number.
  • Banks in every city and district will inform the candidates either via phone or letter to link their aadhar card numbers to their main account for receiving the pensions every month.
  • Though one can link multiple bank accounts with aadhar but the payment will be done in single account through Aadhar Payment Bridge system.

Jeevan Praman certificate

Along with the aadhar linking, the government is giving another facility to the pensioners i.e. Jeevan Praman certificate. In this facility once the aadhar is being linked with their bank account the pensioner can then upload their Jeevan Praman certificate in the Aadhar portal on yearly basis to proof that they are still alive.

As of now each pensioner has to be presented in bank to proof that he /she is still alive and eligible to withdraw the pension. It is not only troublesome for the old people but also some of the pensioners are not medically fit to do so. So with this process they don’t need to rush to branches, all they need to do is upload their updated certificate in the portal as their life proof and the rest will be done by the bank.

At a glance

What Seeding Aadhar with primary bank accounts
Launched on March 2016
Launched by Central government of India
Reason To transfer government benefits
Beneficiaries Central government Pensioners
Other benefits Convert pension accounts to PMJDY accounts
Linking bank accounts Primary or single account or multiple bank accounts can be linked
Jeevan Praman Certificate Need to be uploaded annually to prove candidate is alive

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