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Six benefits of having an Aadhar Card

There are several benefits of having a Aadhar card. Aadhar card is a unique identification card which gives a unique identity to the subscriber of the Aadhar card. It carries a 12 digit number which is called the UID and is used in various ways by the government to getting connected to the millions of countrymen uniquely to provide them government policies. There are several benefits of having a Aadhar card. A Aadhar is not only a identity card, but it is a medium of linkage with the government and its policies. Below are the six mentioned benefits of having a Aadhar card:

Six benefits of having an Aadhar Card

Aadhar makes Direct Benefits Transfer easy

The DBT scheme is a policy of the government which allows to give subsidy to the citizens for various schemes directly in their bank savings accounts. Before the era of DBT, there were several flaws and discrepancies in the system of benefit transfer as sometimes the subsidies and other benefits never reached the actual beneficiary and were eaten up by the middle men.

DigiLocker facility

The DigiLocker is a unique feature of storing valuable and crucial documents in digital format. The main aim of having a DigiLocker is to protect all the personal documents of a individual so that they do not get damaged or can be recovered even after the loss of documents. Aadhar number is mandatory to have a DigiLocker account.

Scholarships for students

Both the central and the state govt. in India give scholarships under various programs to the needy school and college students. Students, especially from the backward classes like SC / ST / OBC and minorities receive timely scholarships for their education. These scholarships are directly credited to the respective bank accounts of the students and the link is done only with the help of Aadhar number of the beneficiaries.

Provident fund

The provident fund is a widely used investment policy of the citizens of India. Almost every salaried person has  a provident fund account. But the Govt. has run a initiative to link the PF accounts to the Aadhar of the respective account holders to bring transparency in the system and help the beneficiaries to have a smooth and unique claiming system.

Jeevan Praman for the Pensioners

The Jeevan Praman scheme is a unique scheme especially designed for the pensioners in which they can withdraw pension without being physically appearing to draw pension and the pension is automatically credited to the Aadhar linked bank account.

For fast and secure Pension payment

Almost every state and the central govt. has made it mandatory rule to link the pension accounts of the pensioners with the Aadhar number so that there is no discrepancy in the system.

Aadhar card features:

Features Related information
Governing body UDAI
Year of implementation 2009
UID number 12 digit
Types of Aadhar card Minor, Adult

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