Oct 052016

Skype will now be used for checking the ID by Aadhar Database

Now that the Aadhar cards and Aadhar registration has become so much important for the people of India, a large number of apps are being developed that can check the ID from Aadhar database. And this has also been implemented in Skype. Skype is one of the most popular applications for messaging, chatting, voice and video calling. Especially for the people who are using the windows devices, Skype is extremely popular among them. In a recent presentation, it has been stated by Technology giant Microsoft, that Skype will be one of the applications that will be used for the Aadhar registration in the Microsoft devices.

  • The preparation of Microsoft

Microsoft has taken up the preparation for supporting the registration through Aadhar card, by implementing updates in Skype application. At present they are targeting to implement as many devices with Skype updates for Aadhar registration. As stated by the Chairman, Skype will now be used by a huge number of people to authenticate and get access to the different government services. The Operating System providers and UIDAI are discussing among themselves with the handset manufacturers to create Microsoft devices with Skype enabled which will fasten the process of embedding the identification in mobile devices. It will also help in authenticating the Aadhar biometrics within the phone itself so that the common people can avail the benefits of different government schemes, services and subsidies.

  • The advantage for Android devices

This system of Aadhar registration was comparably easier for the Android devices, because Android operating system supports huge number of applications. But Google and Apple are not yet prepared to take up this Aadhar registration and identification process to be implemented in their devices. Microsoft has already partnered with the Andra Pradesh government to roll out a pilot so that they can make tests about the bugs of this implementation process. The UIDAI is in discussion with a lot of other states as well. Punjab has also agreed to implement this.

  • What do you think?

Cloud solution is a major area that Microsoft needs to focus on. It will help in extending the reach of Microsoft throughout different industries like healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing services and also government services. People can have all the government benefits and services by Aadhar identification which will be done through Biometric scanning. All the subsidies and benefits will be provided digitally and PWC is the cloud solution providing company for Microsoft. If the cloud solutions can be made really fast, then there will be no stopping for the Microsoft to implement the Aadhar identification system within their mobile devices.

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