Jan 242017

Street Children To Get Aadhaar Cards

Street children around India will be eligible to receive Aadhaar cards. These can be used to attend schools and to get health services supported by the government. This is part of a program designed to help children living on the streets. It is the Standard Operating Procedure for Care and Protection of Children in Street Situations and will assist such children with improving upon their lives. It has also been approved by the Women and Child Development Ministry.

The process is designed to help children who live on the streets with receiving identification. It is estimated that around 80 per cent of children on the streets do not have any kind of identification on their bodies. As a result, many schools and health service providers will refuse them. By offering Aadhaar cards to these children, it will be easier for these kids to receive the educational and health-related services that they deserve.

This comes as there is an extensive number of children in India who are living on the streets. Save the Children states that about 80,000 children live in the streets. NGO also states in a separate study made beforehand that abou to 50,000 children are on the streets of Delhi.

Important Services

Services in this scheme include the following:

  • Children who are at least ten years of age will also get help with opening their own bank accounts. These are designed to be secure in protecting how children can earn and save money.
  • Those under the age of six will get support from an Anganwadi to take care of their nutritional needs. This includes help from doctors with maintaining their physical and developmental health requirements.
  • Certain children can qualify for health insurance coverage under the plan. The Child Welfare Committee will help with securing insurance after their addresses are properly verified.
  • Street children with families will also get others in their families to benefit from sponsorship services. These are to help children with attaining the basic needs they require in accordance with standards from the Juvenile Justice Act 2015.

Support For All Types of Children

The child rights organization NCPCR and the NGO Save the Children organization are also helping with making this program functional. This will work for all four types of street children in the country. These include abandoned or orphaned children, missing or runaway children, community children and children who are begging while on the street. Varying procedures will be established to help all children within these individual situations.

An NGO representative, a certified insurance agent or a postman will be responsible for finding children who qualify for the scheme. This is to provide them with Aadhaar cards.

Additional forms of support are being introduced by the Women and Child Development Ministry. These include such solutions as offering health insurance at affordable rates, bank accounts for children and financial sponsorships to help with giving children the nutritional support that they require for better living.

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