Nov 242015

Population Survey To Be Conducted In Telangana Using Aadhar

In order to update the National Population Register (NPR), which links to the Aadhar card number, the population survey will be done   on Monday in the Telangana state and it will be finished by 15th of December.

The population survey is conducted every ten years by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India. But for the first time, this census is going to be done in five years only. Previous population survery was done in 2010 and the updated register was uploaded in 2011. All Telangana residents are asked to keep the following documents with them for the census reporting- Aadhar card, ration card, EID, driving license, acknowledgment, voter ID card. Any another identity is also valid as long as it is government approved. Along with all these documents, mobile number should also be given

Population Survey To Be Conducted In Telangana Using Aadhar

The guidelines given by the District Collectors of the National Population Register, says that the new analysis will be updated after the completion of survey by the enumerators. It will be done by keeping the census of 2011 as the base. Around 1.5 lakhs teachers from schools of Telangana have been deployed to conduct the door to door census. 70 percent of the teachers are from the government-run schools. But the state teachers are not willing to assign teachers from government school as it will hinder the syllabus completion of school children. They are more worried because 40 working days of these schools had already been lost due to shortage of teachers and then late delivery of study materials. There were a lot vacations too like Dussera, Diwali and other festivals. And now if the teachers will be assigned for conducting surveys, then this will affect the studies seriously, as the schools will most probably lose another 30 days of this session.

The association had even asked the teachers to conduct survey after school hours, but teachers are not reluctant to do so. They think it will be impossible to go door-to-door after tedious school hours.

The guidelines given to the residents to answer the surveyor for updating the NPR are as follows;

They need to submit a copy of  Aadhar Card, Ration card, EID acknowledgment, driving license, voter card, the temporary and permanent address. Mobile Number should also be provided and the the HOF has to sign on the NPR data sheet.

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