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The complete details to know about traffic e-challan

The National Informatics Centre has developed an e-challan that incorporates a mobile for offering a comprehensive solution which can be used as a tool for the State transport Cells and also the traffic police. This is definitely going to help the traffic and transport departments since manual information gaining systems or the online information systems have become time consuming. Moreover with the increase of mobility of the application, prompt action can be taken up by the Traffic Police and transport department to resolve any issue.

traffic e-challan

What are the uses of the e-challan app?

  • The application is going to enhance the convenience and efficient mechanism for the challan errant drivers while offering much more advanced set of features. Presently this mobile cum web application is under test and the primary implementation has been done within two Regional Transport Offices within the state of Uttar Pradesh. Also, an advanced test is being conducted on the web application, within the states of Maharashtra and Uttarakhand.
  • With the development of this system all over India, it is going to create a unified server and database that saves the record for all the traffic violations that happen throughout the country. It will include all the challans, penalties, disposals, court cases and also the punitive actions taken up.
  • Presently, the Transport National Register comprises of 19 crore vehicle details and 9 crore driving license records can be availed to the different police and transport agencies throughout the country for tracking the vehicles or gaining driver’s information.

The types of e-challan

  • The traffic police of Hyderabad have also started he e-challan process which is non-contact implementation scheme for restraining the defilements and also impose a much sterner road traffic self restraints among travelers.
  • The traffic e-challan shall be created along with Photo IDs. This will also work as a picture proof. There are two types of traffic challan at present. The first one is generated by investigation cameras that mechanically click on the defilement pictures. The traffic e-challan pictures get e-printed within the challan itself.
  • The next type of e-challan is the one that comprise of Digital Cameras. The cops are able to take up snapshots directly and traffic e-challan pictures are actually saved for future reference and records. The Hyderabad police presently are keeping the record for all the traffic e-challans and the defilement evidence for all automobiles. Yu can also check for the unresolved traffic e-challan status.

A tabular overview about e-challan

SL NO Factors to know Brief details
1. Uses of E-challan Enhancing the efficiency of mechanism for the challan errant drivers and offering advanced set of features.


It is a unified national database of gaining all the records of traffic violations along with details of violators. The penalties, challan, disposals, court cases, and punitive actions shall also be mentioned within this mobile application.

2. Types of challan There are actually two types of e-challan. The first that is got form the direct investigation camera clicks and the second one that comes with digital cameras for e-challan.

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